The unique strength of the April Salumei REDD project is the integration of communities into the development and management of the project. In Papua New Guinea the communities own the land and in turn the forest resource.

It is essential the communities are directly engaged and involved in the project. The communities benefit directly from the income generated from the preservation of their forest areas where the benefits are passed back to them through their identified projects.

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Key Objectives

Key objectives identified by the April Salumei Working Group and project stakeholders are:

  • Improved health standards within the area;
  • Improved education opportunities;
  • Development of communications within the project area;
  • Creation of sustainable activities to create employment within the project zone;

From these high level objectives three projects have been prioritised. They are:

  1. Provision of boats and outboard motors to improve mobility and accessibility to services and markets.
  2. Provision of basic solar power systems to each village to provide lighting, powered mosquito coils and recharging facility.
  3. Provision of clean water to each village.

The project has been designed around the needs of local communities and the delivery of services to meet these needs.