Solar Lights

Solar Lights

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Currently communities are utilising natural fire, and where they can afford it, battery power for lighting. This is not a sustainable option.

Natural fire light produces excessive amounts of smoke and heat inside the houses with associated health issues for the community caused by inhaling of the smoke. Those communities lucky enough to be able to afford batteries do not dispose of the battery in an environmentally friendly manner, and have an ongoing cost.

Light Up April Salumei Project

Pacific Forest Alliance has purchased solar powered lights for all primary schools/first aid posts within the area. This comprises more than 90 units and will benefit communities throughout the April Salumei area. The battery system in these lights has a usb charging capability, allowing local people to charge mobile phones and other devices.

The new solar lights will allow teachers to prepare lessons in the evening and students to study after their daily chores have been completed which will help to improve the education level within the various communities. Where there are no schools within a specific area, the solar lights have been provided to local churches.

All health centres and aid posts in the project area have been provided with solar lighting also. This enables health workers to treat patients in the evening in the event of an accident or emergency situation such as childbirth.

"Light Up April Salumei” is a project designed around the pillars of health and education. All schools and health centres/aid posts have been provided with solar lights. This will help with emergency care including childbirth and improve the environment for children’s schooling and literacy.