Pacific Forest Alliance works in conjunction with the local communities to conserve pristine rainforests and improve livelihoods through the provision of essential services. These services include providing communities with solar power, clean water and the promotion and development of sustainable activities such as growing organic cocoa or vanilla which is then sold to other communities with a view to exporting to other countries in the future.

Currently Pacific Forest Alliance supports two local communities within Papua New Guinea. These include:

April Salumei

We are very proud to announce that April Salumei is the first ever pilot REDD Project for Papua New Guinea. We have been working with these local communities since 2009 and have successfully achieved verification to the Verfied Carbon Standard and validation to the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard. More...

Lake Murray

Lake Murray is situated in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. Pacific Forest Alliance is currently in the development phase and once documents have been finalised, will be applying for approval to the Verified Carbon Standard. More...