Community Benefits

Community Benefits

The priorities as identified by the local communities is the improvement of health and education services for the April Salumei area.

Currently our immediate objectives are to provide basic power and clean water projects to the communities. These communities have no power and access to fresh water.

Our projects


The April Salumei Project has provided a 23ft fiberglass boat and outboard motor for each of the original five landowner companies. This provides the community with access to markets, plus the benefit of increased mobility. More...

Solar Lights

Solar lighting has been purchased for all schools and health centres/aid posts in the Project area. This allows children to study in the evening after their daily chores as well as provides lighting in emergency situations such as childbirth. This is the first stage of a roll-out of solar lighting for all villages. We believe the provision of solar power to these villages, initially through the schools and church entities will allow teachers to better prepare for classes and provide a higher level of education as well as potential study groups for children to study at night. Community based solar power units provided in to the churches within the project will allow all stakeholders to access these facilities and charge battery devices during the day. This will include powered mosquito coils to help reduce the incidence of malaria. More...

Clean water

The Project is currently evaluating different types of water cleansing technologies to determine which is most suitable for each village. This will reduce disease and improve livelihoods. More...